Polygraph test in Glendora

Polygraph test
in Glendora

glendora lie detection


polygraph in Glendora

You can test at
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Glendora lie detector

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In Los Angeles County,
you must pass a
polygraph test to
become a cop!

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Glendora CA polygraph examination

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Testing details for a
lie-detector test
in Glendora:

Decide on one to four
Yes or No questions you would
like used for the test

Don't be dehydrated!
Consume plenty of water in
the two hours before exam

Don't be late

Answer Yes or No
with your mouth only,
no other movements

polygraph Glendora

polygraph Glendora

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Glendora lie detection

polygraph test in Glendora

Glendora lie detection

Polygraph test
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Glendora polygraph test